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Name: Isobel
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Tall woman short man - what is the tallest you've dated?

Hey there! In Register. Moll Flanders Posts: 1, Forum Member. I myself am considered a tall woman, at five foot eight, although this is not excessively tall Kate Moss is apparently the same height as me, and was once considered too SHORT for modelling. However, I wouldn't choose to be any taller. I have met women of six foot, and wouldn't want to be as tall as them although they looked stunning.

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Until recently, I was very overweight and that, coupled with being tall, made me feel like a giant oaf. All my female friends are shorter than me, and I felt so big and fat beside them.

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But now I have lost a great deal of weight, and am slim again, as there's less of me, I don't feel that any more. My husband's an admirer of tall ladies, and that's one of the things that first attracted him to me. I just wanted to ask any tall women out there: How do you feel about it? Would you like to change it? Or are you happy being tall? Gents - do you have any views on the subject? Do you find tall females attractive - or not?

Any thoughts, ideas, anecdotes etc v welcome!

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Cheers Moll x. Pumping Iron Posts: 29, Forum Member. Personally I find shorter women more attractive. AnitaS Posts: 4, Forum Member. Tall women are elegant, and can carry a few extra pounds without looking tubby. Certain clothes look better on tall women - maxi dresses, for example, and wide-legged trousers. Be proud of your height, and embrace the fact you stand out from the crowd. People seem to think I'm really tall, but I'm only 5ft 5.

I wear big heels a lot though, which explains the mistake. And I'm the dwarf of my family, my two sisters are 5ft 11 and my brothers are well over 6ft. My nephew is 6ft 7! Pumping Iron wrote: ». Neil Posts: 1, Forum Member. GeordiePaul Posts: 1, Forum Member. Generally prefer short women but I like tall women also; I've got a bit of a crush on that tall blonde girl in the program benidorm. Proud to be 5'7 :cool: And that's before I chuck on my killer heels min 4" I've never had a reason to be self-conscious about my height, as I've never had a man less than 6' tall.

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My husband is 6'3. Short men just don't appeal to me - never have. BirthdayGirl Posts: 60, Forum Member. I'm 5. RichmondBlue Posts: 21, Forum Member. I like em all.

For me, it was a case of beggars can't be choosers. Mystic Dave Posts: 1, Forum Member. I very much prefer taller women, as being just a shade over 6ft, I get a crick in my neck with shorter women and tbh, all the trouble in my life has come from short women. I can see it can be difficult for tall women as blokes feel they have to be a bit protective and so, go for shorter women.

I suppose a tall woman of normal build can look a bit chubby to shorter bloke. If 5ft 8in is tall for women, that made me right to fancy Anneka Rice in her jumpsuit!

On tall women and those around them

I like tall or petite girls, less keen on average, heh. Toriamath Posts: 1, Forum Member. I'm only 5'5 but I'd like to be taller, I don't know why but I think it looks better. Utopian Girl Posts: 8, Forum Member.

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My sons are 6'2" both and our daughter is 5' 7" - she wishes she was taller. It's not as if anyone has the choice of being tall or short Chubby or slim, now that is a choice for most of us.

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But there's no diet that make people change their height. Tall or short or inbetween, accept who you are.

It's not important. AnitaS wrote: ». GeordiePaul wrote: ».

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I have been attracted to both tall and short women. Height isn't much of an issue for me. I would prefer they weren't taller than me though when it comes to a potential partner.

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Another upside to being tall: you can instantly see when other women's roots need working on Hi Moll, yes I find tall women very attractive and think 5'8 is ideal as when in heels they are about 5'11 which is very nice! I did have a female friend who was nearly 6 foot flat footed but I know she was self conscious about it, didn't stop her routinely wearing heels mind you!

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As Seinfeld said, when you're lying down the bits line up lol. Armi Posts: 3, Forum Member. For me there is definitely something about tall women that I find attractive. I don't mind, I fancy both tall and short women. I'm over 6 foot, so I've never met a woman who's taller than me. Im a 6ft2 man,and have never dated a woman over 5ft4 id like to though,but they would have to be a tiny,tiny bit chubby,im not attracted to skinny women,be they small or tall,but id imaging id be even less attracted to a skinny tall girl,i think my perfect women would be a tall girl between a size 12 and MissPinotGrigio wrote: ».

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