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Absolutely love this place very clean the girls are preety basic only a few of them caught my attention. Popped in here after work to have a cold drink and a quick bite while I waited for the traffic to die down

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We have daily events and promos with daily happy hour, food specials and drink specials. We have weekly special themed events. Share this Venue. Venue Type. Monday 4pm-2am Tuesday 4pm-2am Wednesday 12pm-2am Thursday 12pm-2am Friday 12pm-2am Saturday 4pmam.

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Went last night so this review is very current. Maybe it was a special event but they gave me poker chips at the door, when u go in theres some card games to win free dances and drinks i think. Had to buy a drink at the upstairs bar same price as the downstairs bar before I found my friend sitting right beside the stage.

Everyone was wearing the same We the east tshirts, the dj would come out almost after every girl and hand out more. Was hoping they had one of those hot dog stands outside then I saw a chef walking around serving plates of finger foods for everyone, they had a steak and pita platter i just made my own sandwich.

Palace east

Was very loud exciting atmosphere, lots of people talking, music blasting, dj on the mic Left after last call, had a smoke and saw the same bouncer offering dudes a breathalyzer test and deated drivers to take them home in their own car, I know ill be back on my bday and use that service for sure. I went on a week night, on a Thursday, it was pretty slow, just a couple regulars, and a few ladies milling about. Yes there were strippers at the bar playing on their phones, but there was also women working the floor. In an hour I had about five ladies stop-by, and say hello.

As this was a couple months ago, I couldn't describe the women, but I do recall there being a mix of races, and body sizes: busty, slim, fake, real, etc.

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The DJ had improved some from my last visit, the music was at an even volume, however he did say "Alright, Alright, Alright" after each set. I'll admit that it was really cool the first five times, he's got a good voice, and definite stage presence. However, by the end of the night I was sick of it, and by extension Mathew McConaughey.

I got four dances, from four different dancers, and they were all about the same. The dances were lively, don't get me wrong; it's just that none of them tried to rip me off. Each one made me comfortable in the little room, and waited for the next song! I know freaky eh?

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What are the odds of four women not trying to fleece you? Lastly I didn't hint at extras, nor were they offered. Although the rooms appear private, there is no ceiling, and even when the door is closed, you can see in. I'd certainly go back.

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It's not often that dancers treat you so well. I've been a frequenter of GTA clubs for years and actually live not to far frombut rarely go there. It is different from virtually any other GTA club.

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The only way I can describe that is that it feels a lot more like a US club than anything else in Toronto. It is loud and bright and the girls actually dance on stage rather than simply walking around.

And guys clap for them when they are done - unheard of anywhere else. Also charges a door fee, has CLEAN washrooms, a mandatory coat check, go-go dancers on mini stages never ever saw that beforeand lots of attractive servers. Over aggressive security is kind of a nuisance since this not a rough neighborhood.

Dancers of varying size, shape and ethnicity. VIPs are odd little booths with a window into the hallway, so what would seem like a lot of privacy actually isn't. Dances are pretty lame other than some decent grinding and some mutual groping depending on the girl.

The cleanest strip t you'll find - the nine-o-five lounge

What really sets it apart is that this is a no extras club. Anyone familiar with the GTA scene will know that you can get pretty much anything you want, from any girl, at any time of day, at any club. But not this one. But for some reason it is pretty business some nights. And guys, remember to take the wristband off before you go home!

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I've been looking forward to writing this review. This was my first and last visit to The dancers weren't bad, the bar staff was quick but the security is the reason I will never return.

The lounge lounge info

At one point I went to the coat check to grab my keys as I needed to charge my phone in my car. When I returned the security guy inside the club told me he needed to frisk me. Not sure why but okay. He patted me down and in the club I went.

One of the guys in my party had a bit too much to drink and almost got into a fight so I took him out to my car to sleep it off. When I returned inside there was a new security guy at the door. He asked me where I got the leis I was wearing. The girls inside the club put them on me. He then told me I wasn't allowed to take them.

The lounge

I wasn't taking them anywhere I was just wearing them. He then told me he had to go through my pockets. I'm pretty sure they're not allowed to put their hands in someone elses pockets. After he finished and I was okay to go back in I took the leis off and put them on a table. I was not impressed to say the least.

Had a few quick dances with a hot girl named New York and our party left. The bouncer outside thought I shouldn't drive and asked if I wanted a cab. I live 2 hours away and I've only had 3 drinks all night. I'm good to drive. I will never return to this club again because of their security.

The lounge - pickering, ontario strip club

Ruined a perfectly good evening. I went on a Monday, it was slow, but I prefer the clubs like that. It's very clean, open, and looks nothing like the Palace. The waitresses were cute, and quick to fill orders. The dancers were a mix of good, bad, bored, and interesting. Some were on their phones in the corner, hanging out at the bar, avoiding customers. Since I'm a optimistic PL, I tried to reel them in with my eyes, and a smile There were several ladies working the floor, 3 to the six at the bar, and the other two sitting with regulars.

I chatted up a few, and when a busty South American babe arrive, my jaw dropped and my wallet opened! I wasn't sure if it was the loud music, or her lack of English, but she didn't understand anything I said.

The nine o five lounge

Regardless, we went to the VIP for several dances, all of which were quite impressive! The VIP looks like a set of rooms on a yacht, round windows for bouncers to peek into, and sliding doors, for extra privacy. Best VIP I've yet to see! Clean, no bad odours, no condoms laying about.

The stage show is pretty good, the dancers seemed to do show some life Toggle lustnames. now. Club type: Nude Dancers.

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Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Related Clubs. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

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