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Filipina canton pick ohio to club

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Few customers, few dancers, was ignored by all of them, but the beer price was good as always here. Did not partake of any dances since I was not asked, so headed out for other places after one drink. Beer price is lower during this day then the evening, I like that!

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Eventually 3 dancers on duty, all very attractive, all very friendly. I never thought the "vip" room here was worth the extra cost per dance, but one dancer was so captivating I figured I should try it.

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The barkeep made a comment that "I have 3 dancers and 2 are in vip", and with that the one that was dancing for me said let's make it all 3, so off we went. Well vip is topless, rather than just flashing, and there is quite a bit more contact. Not like some other clubs that have full contact, but just enough to be quite enjoyable.

As always I find this place just great when visiting once a year. I was in the neighborhood today so I stopped in to Gatsbys in Canton. I had been to the north location in Akron a few times but had never been to this location. The reviews seemed to be a little mixed so I wasn't sure what to expect.

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I went in and had a seat at a table over to the side, while everyone else was seated at the bar. I am not a big time drinker. There were several dancers there and most of them were pretty hot. I was hopeful that it might be better than some of the reviews I had read.

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I sat alone at the table for minutes because most of the girls were already occupied with guys doing dances. Then she asked if I would like a dance. There was a security guy near the entrance to the VIP area who kind of watched the whole place but he seemed pretty laid back.

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I kept my hands to my You go in, see the bouncer and you are good to go. During the hour or so I spent there I don't recall anyone getting on the pole and dancing, as ppl were just hanging out. There was one young bar tender who was getting a lot of attention.

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She was not very attractive but came off as thinking she was. Either flirting with old guys or on the phone. Finally after sitting at the bar for 20 minutes she asked me if I wanted a drink.

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I then said I wanted to watch some sports as they were watching some sitcom or something. It took them another 10 minutes to find Fox Sports.

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So this bar is good if you like dives, or are extremely patient, because you'll need a lot of it if they dont know you. Some positives.

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Everything was cheap. Yeah the guys there provide better service than any of the females at this club! Gatsby's is the one constant in the changing northeast Ohio nightlife scene. Idiotic, but that's Ohio for you.

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Anyway, to the naked eye they appear topless, but technically they aren't. Avoid "The Gat" if you are looking to impress your friends by making it rain on jaded dancers in a club that spent millions on decor and as a result charges a cover and steep drink prices.

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Gatsby's only charges a cover during peak hours on Friday and Saturday, and drinks cost less than they do at most sports bars in town. Personally, I think it's always a mistake to typecast dancers, but given Gatsby's location and no-frills exterior, most newcomers will be pleasantly surprised by both the attractiveness and the friendliness of the Gatsby girls.

This club is simply one of Canton's hidden treasures. I hadn't been to this place in years, but was in the area on a Sunday afternoon so I thought I'd give it a try. The Good: It's a clean, good looking club with a hot friendly bartender.

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The bad: There are bouncers who sit right by the VIP door. They do check in on what you're doing.

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My big problem had to do with the dancers' attitudes. The first girl who danced for me was a good looking milf with way too much baby belly fat who did some great bar dances. I asked about VIP, and she told me how she didn't do them because she "knew what goes on back there.

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Thanks for the tip, sweetie. I did do VIPs with two other dancers, a skinny plain looking girl who told me that I needed to tip her extra if my hands were going to roam and a really hot looking blond with bolt-ons who did plenty of groping and showed everything. Excuse me, bitch, I thought that was up to me?

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I hate when dancers do this. I'm a big boy, and I'll decide how much a girl's time time was worth on top of any club prices.

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This was all I needed: being badgered and then judged by dancers. More reasons why I should suspend my clubbing f Toggle lustnames.

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now. Strip clubs U. Ohio Canton Gatsby's Pub. Gatsby's Pub 5 reviews Add review.

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