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While buying weed online still requires the dark web; seeds, billies, papers and any other tools you may need have never been easier to legally order. I love the 21st century. For all its pitfalls — Trump, global oil wars, gradual integration into the machine — there are some serious perks that often go overlooked, namely the fact that I can buy drugs online.

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Not only that, I can buy good drugs online, better drugs than I can buy offline right now. All I have to do is jump on my laptop, fire up a tor-browser, purchase a few bitcoins — or like a fraction of a bitcoin — and away I go.

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Several days later a package will arrive and inside it will be my ordered drugs, delivered from somewhere anonymous around Australia. MORE: What are drug cryptomarkets?

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I recently placed my first order on an online site. The site was easy enough to navigate, kind of like eBay for drugs: there were search functions and images and reviews and all that jazz, as you would expect. I found a vendor who had good reviews and browsed their list of products.

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They had a decent variety and I browsed for a good half an hour, but I eventually settled on a half ounce of AK and went to place my order. Escrow holds the currency in a secure state until the customer receives the product and authorises the payment, upon which the currency is released to the vendor.

Despite that sour experience, I was willing to give it another try, and besides, if it never arrived, I could retrieve the money from escrow and paint the vendor with a tarred paintbrush until the cows came home. I love the internet.

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It took almost a week, but when the package finally did arrive I was glad I waited. There, in a vacuum sealed baggie inside another sealed package, was a beautiful half ounce of AK from Victoria.

The buds were a beautiful forest green and covered in tiny, glistening crystals. They were dry and firm and when I broke them apart, I was met with a strong, sharp almost tangy aroma.

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Suffice to say, the high I got was amazing — light and playful but incredibly cerebral and noticeably elevating. I will definitely buy pot off the internet again at some point. The whole process was reasonably simple and secure, and the product was off the chain. The most lengthy process will be organising a bitcoin wallet and purchasing some bitcoins, which can take up to several days depending on how you do it.

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You will need this before you can make any purchases on the dark web. address:. Multiple studies have been conducted on the relationship between cannabis and mental health.

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Home News Features About Us. Arms chronicles his experience of buying weed of the internet. Related Items: dealingfeatured. Recommended for you. Dirty Weed adds Australia: Warn others in your area about dodgy weed.

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Just how big is the drug problem in the Philippines anyway? Like us on Facebook. up to our free newsletter address:. Dope Stuff Features How to pick the perfect vape — a comprehensive flowchart Want to start vaping?

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Here's how. News Dab Enthusiasts!

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News Dirty Weed adds Australia: Warn others in your area about dodgy weed The website also gives users the opportunity to report weed prices and quality. News Vice Australia installs hydroponic grow room inside its Melbourne HQ Vice plans to fill the space with a of 'plants. News Cannabis users in the US report lower levels of anxiety and depression Multiple studies have been conducted on the relationship between cannabis and mental health. Features Everything you need to know about cocaine straight from a scientist A history and scientific explanation of your next bag of rack.

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News New holiday spot? Switzerland parliament votes for weed coffee shop trialspeople in Switzerland regularly consume cannabis. Features The future of cannabis social clubs uncertain in Spain 'I think the CSC-movement will still continue founding new clubs'.

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News Newy rapper Jacquie Lomas has dropped a sick EP and you should listen to it The EP has already received much love from fans and the music industry alike. Features Everything you need to know about amyl nitrite Amyl started as a poison antidote, now it's a common party drug. News The Bennies drop new track, announce new February shows 'Dreamkillers' is the second single from the upcoming new album.

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Features The 10 most important cannabis-related studies in was a stellar year for cannabis-related research. Features WATCH: Vice explores underground medical cannabis scene in new doco Stealthcare Medical cannabis is still difficult to access for many who need it. Features Marijuana legalisation has lowered alcohol consumption in America The alcohol industry experienced an abnormal decline in consumption in News Thundamentals to celebrate year anniversary with massive regional tour The announcement comes fresh off the back of a killer Like A Version performance.

News The Bennies national tour kicks off this weekend! Here are their support acts They all the ly announced Sugarcanes and Cutaways. News New study indicates cannabis could be used to treat migraines Some promising from WSU researchers.

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Features Sunny Coast riffhe Hobo Magic talk touring, new album and the state of the world 'The future of our world relies on peace and understanding'. Features Expert: Why Australia needs drug consumption rooms Victoria last week approved the trial of a drug injection room in Melbourne. News NZ to hold referendum on legalising cannabis The news comes with the recent election of Labour leader Jacinda Ardern. Features Where in the US is cannabis actually legal?

The US has an interesting relationship with cannabis. To celebrate, the band have shared a new single. Features Here are the most common slang words for weed around the globe Apparently Australians say 'hooch', 'ganjga' and 'choof'. Features Everything you need to know about nangs Strangely enough, they're not so great for your health. Some scientists seem to think so. News Philippines House Committee approves medical cannabis bill The Philippines is known for its tough anti-drug stance.

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