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Hija Kamran is a communications-for-development specialist, and a human rights activist from Pakistan. He has been using Tinder since a month now, and is looking for a casual hookup.

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When it comes dating in Pakistan, dating apps are the way to go in the modern-day. We look at some of the most popular apps in the country. Dating apps are everywhere in the world. No matter what the social values are in any country, dating apps are very popular for many reasons. It is not just about finding a date or hooking up with someone.

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Pakistan has blocked access to Scarleteen, a sex education website geared towards teenagers. Journalist Khurram Baig passes away. Govt announces six-day Eid holidays. Oil rises as bullish demand outlook offsets India concerns.

Market watch: KSE falls below 45, amid sell-off. PM's commitment for ability won't be deterred, says Ismail. Good job PTA. As if generations before us were given proper sex education to make babies.

Thank you.

One can expect anything from liberal extremists. Thanks PTA, Thank you for informing me about this website. Surely, they'll be coming after nude art next. And then online anatomy references for medical students. And then simple images of shirtless men, as that too is porn in some sections of the society.

PTA is so farigh. Not to mention directionless. How about cracking down on those terrible bollywood item s now? The site is not blocked.

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Another fake story by ET. Just like that story about the rolling stones site which was blocked by their webmaster not the Pak govt. Some of those Bollywood item s are more obscene than the kind of stuff you find online I knew about it and I care.

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It was a very informative and helpful site. I've communicated with Heather Corinna. The work she does is absolutely brilliant. Is this the only thing reamained to b addressed?

Wht a lovely place to live whr thris no problem of corruption, no issues pertain to secterian violance, no problem pertain to religious extremisim, no problem about corrupt judiciary, no problem about corrupt politicians, nobproblem abou the corrupt electoral system Rest is all settled by the judiciary n the only thing remained to b taken care of is 'porn websites' Xtremely stupid!!

A place whr ppl dont even know how to drive on ro, whr ppl have no road ethics specially bikers h u want thm to act ethically on the web?? Common PTA n judiciary, end this crap n address something valuable n productive for this country!

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We need a pshycatrist at the govt level who will develop the ethical values of the ppl of this country!! I really don't agree that we can learn from western sex education websites!

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They have been saying everything is fine from pleasuring oneself to oral stuff. Our next generation is copying their life style and their medical advice. While our society has always regarded 'oral' as dirty and unhygienic. After giving them this type of education and making them use to such stuff through the Internet, videos etc, isn't it too late to tell them that they have cancer because of this? ET making issue of nothing makes me to hate u more, on what agenda u people are working?

Wow, we didn't even know before if any such website was opened. ET's Web Desk seems to be very much "sex enlightened".

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I am a Pakistani abroad, and, after reading this article, just learned SO much from Scarleteen. Thank you ET. Of course we don't need sex ed. It's not like we have a rising population, poor reproductive health, a sexually ill-informed populace--and STDs? Not in the land of the pure! As if learning about safe sex ever accomplishes anything anyway Absolutely shameful move by the PTA. It's as if the Taliban are running this organization.

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Hopefully whoever is the head will be fired soon and someone with some sense and an understanding of the power of the internet will take over. Imagine television with just PTV We need to educate our generation not to shutdown the bad things. Do you think that blocked sites cannot be accessed PTA dn make fun of yourself plz. We're Pakistanis. We're going to learn sex ed the good, old-fasioned way: start to get fat and listen to the doctor tell you it has something to do with the thing you did earlier in the bedroom without using a you-know-what.

That's good enough for us. The Benefits of Silk Bedding.

Pakistan blocks access to teen sex-ed site

One On One: Ismail Khattak. Exams put off till June Pakistan has only three weeks of wheat stocks left. We often highlight the negativities of men on social media: Sarah Khan. Govt announces new Covid restrictions for Eid holidays. Rupee weakens against dollar. Coronavirus: a tale of nationalism and religion.

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Cooperating with regional countries. Quetta hotel blast — a strategic strike on CPEC. Health, not tradition. The April climate summit.

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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or derived from. Pakistan blocks access to teen sex-ed site Pakistan has blocked access to Scarleteen, a sex education website geared towards teenagers. Web Desk March 19, Our Publications. Most Read.

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Glaedr 9 years ago Reply It has been unblocked. Probably thanks to this article. Good job ET! Faraz Talat 9 years ago Reply Surely, they'll be coming after nude art next.

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Raza 9 years ago Reply PTA is so farigh. Hameed 9 years ago Reply Site is working for me.