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It is suitable for all RSE professionals such as teachers, school nurses, and researchers. The voice for relationships and sex education Working together for quality relationships and sex education Find out more. Top FAQs 1 What is relationships and sex education?

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Relationships and sex education RSE is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health. It should equip children and young people with the information, skills and posi…. Relationships Education in primary schools will protect children. The guidance continues: 'Schools are to determine th….

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The Children and Social Work Act introduces new legislation on relationships and sex education in schools. In July the Government set out plans for implementaion encouring schools that are ready to start teaching the new curriculum from S…. The Children and Social Work Act introduces new legislation on relationships and sex education in all schools in England. The new legislation makes relationships and sex education RSE a compuslory requirement for all secondary schools in…. Under the new guidance schools must have a policy on RSE. Primary schools will need to define Relationships Education and define any sex education they choose to teach other than that covered in the science curriculum.

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Seconcary schools will…. The new legislation brought in through the Children and Social Work Act will bring about some important changes in relation to parental rights to withdraw children from school RSE: Parents will not be able to withdraw their child from Re….

Most parents are very supportive of schools providing relationships and sex education, and also want to play a part in educating their children at home. Children are interested in 'where babies comes from' and what makes boys and girls different from a very young age.

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So don't worry - it is natural for children to be curious and ask these questions. Children take in the information around them a…. This allows schools flexibility in developing their programme as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.

RSE will not be a National Curriculum subject so…. There are a range of relationships and sex education resources produced by voluntary sector organisations, local authorities and commercial companies.

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The Sex Education Forum does not recommend specific resources but instead encourages each scho…. Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia like any form of discrimination, should be tackled though a whole school approach. Schools should provide a safe environment for all pupils regardless of sexual orientation. Personal, Social and Health Educa…. Faith perspectives can be included in RSE alongside information about the law and medical facts.

The voice for relationships and sex education

It is important that different types of information are identified as such, i. No, the reverse is true: - A large study in United States found young people who had received RSE were less likely to describe first sex as unwanted, and female respondents who had received RSE were less likely to have a partner with a big age d…. It is important that young people can get confidential one-to-one support as well as having opportunities to learn about sex and relationships with their peer group.

The classroom is a public place, where it is not appropriate to talk about priv….

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Young people tell us that their teachers often don't know enough to teach relationships and sex education RSE well. It is important that teachers of RSE are well trained for the job, and that schools do not rely on external visitors as a substitu….

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