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I'd like club for sex who philadelphia naughties

Without proper licensing, Zone 6 functions as a modern illegal speakeasy forced to conceal its existence from the police. Zone 6 is not a concrete place, rather a brand that moves from rented space to rented space on a week-to-week basis.

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Meanwhile, over at Saints and Sinners, a 6,square-foot club in Northeast Philly, the party starts at 9 p. While in Philly, bars close at 2 a. The clubs say they appeal to a niche of kinky Philadelphians who enjoy a freer sexual atmosphere than the rest of us stiffs. But its not just about mingling and sex. All clubs have cover fees, dress codes and entry is not guaranteed.

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Philadelphia bathhouses & sex clubs

April 27, - I will begin by prefacing my assessment of both of these establishments as my first foray into sex clubs. I have attended fetish and kink events that varied from munch to dungeon. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the facility. Clubs in Philadelphia tend on the small size.

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Smoking at PG is my most ificant complaint. The space is large enough that management could put a separate smoking area in the back and leave the main area smoke free for those of us who prefer to have a pleasant aroma and dress for the occasion.

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When you invest in kink and fetish wear, the last thing you want is to damage or destroy the garments. When I visit PG, my hair and clothes reek, contributing to a less sexy overall feeling.

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Not to mention, my lungs hurt the next day. That being said, the layout is spacious and provides ample opportunity for private, public or quasi-public activities.

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At PG there is an open, dance floor bordered by tables and chairs, the buffet, the bar and a large play area or at least it used to be a large play area. The bar has chairs in front of it and the dance floor so it never seems to be cramped and crowded. Both clubs seem to lack diligence in bar discretion and continue to serve patrons who perhaps have had too much already. The private rooms are much smaller and the hallways felt smaller than at PG. Both places provided towels. PG has a material covered St.

Andrew's cross which has to be a breeding ground for all manner of disgusting things.

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PG could use a total bathroom overhaul. At PG, the security guards are visible and actively manage the crowd. At PG, I always felt as if there was a security guard ensuring my safety at all times. There is a coat check charge at PG which has left a few people more than disgruntled, especially given the expense of an evening at PG. They do have lockers in the bottom-most floor of the facility.

Pleasure garden versus saints and sinners - a female perspective

In addition to lockers, there is a two or more person shower stall. There are unisex lockers at PG as well, outside of the bathrooms and in close proximity to the private play areas.

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PG is diligent in confirming identity, membership, and with their no cell phone policy. The single male policy is markedly different for both clubs on nights when they permit single males.

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For PG, single men are tagged and only allowed in certain areas if accompanied by a female or couple. We were approached by a single male at one point and politely declined him. He gave us a bit of an attitude before departing. It turns out, I rather endure smoke and feel safe than be smoke-free and uneasy. The search for the perfect club will continue.

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Interested in learning more about swinging? Think you're ready to take the dive? Check out these swinger storiessure to illuminate the scene and tickle your fancy.

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If swinging isn't your pleasure du jour, treat yourself to a morning quickie! Cart 0. When I arrived at PG I had no preconceived notions of what a sex club was or was not.

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The Layout. Security At PG, the security guards are visible and actively manage the crowd. They have a large multi-person shower stall as well as a hot tub, right outside the locker area. Privacy PG is diligent in confirming identity, membership, and with their no cell phone policy.

Perhaps next we try house parties! Facebook 0 Twitter Reddit Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Ginger Segreti April 15, May, masturbation month, Masturbation, masturbating, self pleasure, selfstimulation, sex toys, sex stories, jerking off, fingering, vibrators, May is masturbation month. Ginger Segreti April 15,