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I would like girl guy bar loves pilipina

There is no single foreign man that I know who leaves this country without having made at least one sexual experience with a Filipina. And most of the time that would be a Filipina bar girl. Why is that?

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You just got a divorce in the U. Someone suggests you take a trip to the Philippines.

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People that spend anytime in the Philippines have heard about the Filipina bar girl. Most of them work in Angeles City, and from what I have been told it is a hectic life. Your average Filipina bar girl is probably 20 years old, about 5 feet and weighs a whopping 95 lbs.

She has a sixth grade education, a weak family structure, and may even come from a farm in a remote area of the Philippines. While the Philippines teaches English as a second language, the bar girl does not speak much English because she did not spend a lot of time in school. Most of these ladies are not all business, and are known to fall in love with their customers. Unlike many Asian girls of the night, these ladies suffer from that Catholic guilt which makes them mix business with pleasure.

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This le to very tumultuous relationships. If a guy wants to take one of these ladies to his hotel, he will pay a small bar fine to the owner of the club and may end up with a girlfriend the next morning. These Filipina ladies may even have a second job during the day, browing the chatrooms and trying to scam money from idiots. A bar girl may need a second income to get cash for a cell phone load, help a friend out of a jam, supply her family with a source of income, or even put diapers on her baby.

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Plus, she has to keep up with the latest fashions and be able to show off new outfits to her bar friends and customers. If you are hooked up with one of these Filipina bar girls, don't feel that all hope is lost. Unlike many Asian hookers, a Filipina prostitute may actually be looking for love.

It may be tied directly to your pocket book, but whoever said love was perfect.

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If you go see her in the Philippines, my best advice is hire a body guard for the first few days. You don't want to end up drunk and passed out alone in a hotel room. Have someone there to watch your back.

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I hate to pass judgement on any poor lady trying to make a living, whether it be in the PI or the USA. While it is easy for us to sit back and say how could any lady subject herself to this type of life, many times you just take the cards you were dealt and make the best of things. Also, it is possible for bar girl to turn her life around if she meets the right guy, but it is not something I would suggest trying unless you are a major risk taker.

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