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With a focus on both excitement and elegance, we are redefining the modern strip club as you know it. Palazio Austin is committed to giving elite customer service ensuring an awesome guest experience. Palazio Austin continues to elevate your club experience with constant improvements including a state of the art light show and superlative sound system.

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This is a great club.

Name: Tatum
Age: 34

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One of the few clubs in Austin where I didn't feel like mailing in the review. I actually liked this club. Would go back. The main stage was backed by a video screen, which was a pretty nice effect. Very nice looking club. Nicely lit. Neoclassic theme with the decor. Lots of columns. Easily the nicest setup in town.

Would be the one club in Austin I'd put up there with upper tier gentlemens clubs I've seen in other towns.

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Three stages going on the floor. Main stage has DJ booth off to the side. The back bar area was a nice touch, but the main club is where I spent most of my time. Got to the place late but there was still high energy in the club. The girls were really putting some work in on the stage.

One high energy dancer on the main stage had the other two dancers stopped and watching.

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She came crashing down into a splits so hard it sent dollars flying. Best lineup in town that I saw.

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By a lot. Had a great time with the dancer I wanted on a busy night. No complaints there. Blonde, B cups, Beautiful. Totally unassuming. Mentioned a custie that flies in from NY to see her. I totally understand why that is. It was her birthday. Dances were straight up on the edge of the main floor, but had some heat to them considering the lackluster showing most of the other dances I'd gotten around town.

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. So I went on a Wednesday in August night after first day of school and was surprised by the types of dancers available, they tend to have a little more weight than where I work, but have nice natural breasts because of it. Anyways I always like to take care of the girls, being a dancer myself, but there was only one HOT girl who was my type working the night shift, she was mixed and gorgeous, but played some ghetto rap music.

I'm more into girls for their body than ethnicity but typically I prefer pale brunettes, hispanic or white, tall, trim, slightly muscled girls or slender short girls, or well proportioned curvy girls without the tummy flab that most dancers I saw that night had going on. Anyways, I tipped her on stage and asked a few questions about what it's like to work there, then asked her to find us for dances.

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She never did. We wound up getting dances from an attentive latina, also beautiful, but I guess I hadn't noticed her since she was hanging out on the bar before approaching us. Music was loud and annoying but not in a good way like yellow rose, dancers were decent and could do some pole work, but not as hot I intended to go to The Landing Strip based upon reviews, but when I plugged in the address into my rental car GPS it kept taking me to a spot where there was no club. Drove around. Couldn't find it. Plugged the Palazio address into GPS and found it. I knew from reviews that Palazio wouldn't be as good as Landing Strip, but what the heck.

I was here and I figured I'd experience something new. The club was pretty nice on the inside. Quality of dancers was disappointing. From reviews I expected high quality beauty with a ceiling when it came to private dances.

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I thought the dancers were mostly 7s. There were a lot of dancers but only a few that interested me. I also found it strange that no dancers came by to see if they could me.

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I don't want wanna dance girls stopping by every 30 seconds, but this was the flip side where not one dancer came up to me for like 40 minutes. The couple of dancers I was interested in never freed up and I thought this was going to be a complete bust. While watching and waiting I could see than the non VIP private dances were along a back wall, and the mileage looked pretty low.

Guys weren't allowed hands to roam anywhere. The one-way grind looked adequate but not great. I made a mental note that if I found anyone I liked I wasn't going to go the out in the open dance route. She uses the name Zoey at the Palazio and Cora at Expose. Very cute. Hell no. But don't let this one ROB give you a negative impression of this place. The club is beautiful, comfortable and spacious. Lots of beautiful dancers. Just today I recognized a very hot dancer who left Perfect 10 to work at the Palazio. Also several pretty waitresses.

One of the super cute girls who used to collect cover charges is now a waitress and she's hotter than many of the dancers. But as the old saying goes, "let the buyer beware. At night the music is also too freaking loud. During the day shift though, the music is kept at reasonable levels, the girls seem to have better attitudes, and the hustle factor is much lower. Another thing I like is the variety of girls. I also noticed a tall and very pretty brunette, but unfortunately she had tattoos and those are almost always erection killers for me.

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The staff was very friendly and the Bitcoin ATM was very easy to use. I am doing all of my bitcoin buying and selling here from now on. Had some fun times and bought some Bitcoin Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Texas Austin Palazio. Palazio 6 reviews Add review. Club type: Topless Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Related Clubs. Password Remember Me. Password Register.