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You are guaranteed a one of a kind experience each time you come in.

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Three men were charged Monday in a drive-by shooting at an Anaheim strip club on Halloween that injured four people. The suspects, who were kicked out of the Sahara Theatre, at S.

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From impressive pole routines at fun and rowdy bikini bars to intimate private dances at sprawling topless and nude clubs, there are lots of options for anyone looking to make it rain dollars. Here are our favorite strip clubs in L. Considered one of the best strip clubs in the country and L. This all-nude spot is definitely the place to go for very attractive dancers, many of which are likely models by day, and a classy, upscale decor White linens!

There's also a good chance you'll spot a celeb on a busy weekend night. As with every all-nude club in town, there's no alcohol, but be prepared for a non-alcoholic drink minimum. As an added bonus, the food at 4Play is actually pretty decent with sandwiches, sal and even breakfast for a late-night fix. You may be perfectly content to enjoy the impressive choreographed pole routines on the main stage.

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But if you're looking for something more intimate, be prepared to spend. Who needs to pay rent anyway?

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Loungin' at Sam's via Facebook Sam's Hofbrau. What the place may lack in style and grace, it makes up for with plenty of charm and fun. With multiple poles and often numerous dancers on the center stage, things can get pretty crowded and chaotic, but nobody seems to really mind. The pole dancing is usually far from the best in town, but there's still plenty of enthusiasm, twerking and often costumes involved.

And if you need a break from the action, you can usually catch a game or a fight on TV or shoot a round of pool. And Sam's has an impressively huge menu with everything from burgers to burritos, sal to steaks, though we'd recommend the buffalo wings. And if you're looking to extend the party after 2 a.

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While Canoga Park is not really the sexiest of locations, XPosed club covers the bases, so to speak, when it comes to strip club offerings. The club is well-kept and manages to avoid a seedy vibe for the most part. And while they don't serve alcohol here, you can easily stroll next door to The Wet Spot—their cover-free bikini bar featuring many of the same dancers—and enjoy a few beers or cocktails. As an added bonus, there's no cover on Thursday angeles for couples, and your date can receive free lap dances all night. The offer and club in general is LGBTQ-friendly, though they've been known to ask some couples to kiss to los that they're not just trying to game the system.

And should things really heat up for you and your date, you can stop in next door to Private Moments and pick up everything from sex toys and lingerie, to adult DVDs and bongs. Have fun! If you're a sports fan who also enjoys watching topless dancers, we have a hunch this spot is for you. With two locations—downtown and the recently opened Van Nuys—Dames 'N Games offers a sprawling space 22, and 10, square feet respectively with plenty of fairly comfy seats, gentlemens tons of flatscreen TVs.

There's a main stage with three poles, all of which are usually occupied on a busy night. What's refreshing is that the dancers aren't usually as pushy about lap dances as they can be in some places, and instead will usually invest time flirting before going in for the ask. Of course, the lap dances take place on angeles where you're sometimes sitting uncomfortably close to other patrons on club nights, but hey, after a few drinks you may not notice. Dames 'N Games also offers a really extensive menu of pretty decent food, including burgers, wings and nachos. This Hollywood bikini bar got pretty sketchy over the years, but after David Arquette bought the place in and the place got a bit of polish around the poles, Crazy Girls is much more enjoyable.

With one large main stage and a couple of small, circular stages with poles, there's plenty of places to catch a show, and the carved woodwork and leather booths add a touch of class. To be fair, you'll be in Hollywood. You also never know when a celebrity might pop in for a show and sometimes even a performance, which can usually add to the fun. And you can save some cash if you go during their daily happy hour from 6 gentlemens.

Los Angeles' Rhino is downtown, and opens Monday through Friday at noon. As such, it offers a lunch buffet, which seems like a real George Constanza thing to do. Los, the Spearmint is fully nude, meaning no alcohol is served.

There's no cover until 6 p. After 6 p. However, Thursday through Saturday there are deals on cover between 6 p.

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There are several other Spearmint Rhinos around SoCal, and you can check the club's Facebook to see when certain adult performers might be making the rounds as feature dancers. Spearmint Rhino is located at E. Olympic Blvd. Jumbo's Clown Room is a great place to go for some scintillating entertainment, a drink and a conversation.

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While some claim to read Playboy for the articles, we claim we like to go to Jumbo's for more reasons than just the beautiful, often tattooed, talented woman who dance here. Find this black-and-red t in a Thai Town strip mall, agree not to take any photos or act a fool and you'll get in without paying a cover.

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The drinks are relatively cheap compared to other bikini bars, and the dancers will choose their own songs from a jukebox—typically rock, alternative, metal and the occasional jazz hit. If you're wondering about the clown thing, the bar was once owned by an actual circus clown. The dancers usually aren't in clown garb themselves, but there is a lot of clown ephemera around the bar.

The crowd here isn't all salivating dudes either; you'll find plenty of women at the rail, making it rain.

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You can totally come here for a birthday, on a Tuesday or for a Tinder date without feeling any of the sleaze factor you might be accustomed to at other bikini bars or strip clubs. Jumbo's Clown Room is located at Hollywood Blvd. With a rock 'n roll, dive bar sensibility, Star Garden is North Hollywood's answer to Jumbo's Clown Room, only here the dancers go topless.

Run by a husband and wife duo, the place feels more like a neighborhood bar and offers a laid-back vibe not often found in most topless spots.

The best strip clubs in l.a.

There's also a lot less silicone and more tattoos to be found here than many other places. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a better beer selection at any clubs around town, as Star Garden offers nearly 60 varieties, including 28 on tap, with decently priced craft options and pitchers available for all of them. And you may even get challenged to a game of pool by one of the dancers.

Cheetahs Cheetahs is a bad decision bikini bar where you can expect, like Jumbo's, tattooed dancers with great hair and an edge. However, it still has a very strip club feel, from the white booths to the long runway the dancers utilize.

They'll do the occasional theme night, featuring only '80s music or rock 'n roll—often with no cover—so keep up with their events on Facebook.

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It's open daily from 8 p. Cheetah's is located at Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood Men This is for the Magic Mike fans. While you can certainly see gorgeous men in very little dancing it up by simply walking down Santa Monica Boulevard in WeHo on a Saturday night, there's also a male revue known as Hollywood Men that might strike your fancy. Catch these strapping fellows nearly every weekend at OHM Nightclub or one of their occasional alternate venuesand expect to see a lot of washboard abs, torn tank tops, bouncing pecs and some very intimate lap dances. These shows are highly choreographed and last about two hours.

Ace of Diamonds Photo via Facebook Ace of Diamonds This young West Hollywood club is headed to a TV near you, as it was announced late last year that there's a reality show in the works about the dancers and the famous musicians and personalities who frequent the t. It's open every Monday from 10 p. Most of the performers are women of color, and they have a very robust Instagramtoo.

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