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The Canberra Times today reports that the dream of italianate monstrosity is coming to fruition with plans to open early next month. Well another srip club for canberra. What thats now, its only the 5th time in 6years that someone has tryed to open and keep open another venue to run at a loss.

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If you need information with regards to the new airstrip YKLR you will need to contact the property. If you read these documents you should be fine flying into Gawler.

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All pilots are friendly and welcoming. Accommodation is also available on the airfield. Pop by the ASC office for a chat and more information. We don't bite at Gawler :P. Third Sunday of the month is the time to be there. Coffee, tea and wine for the non flyers can also be purchased. A truly great bunch of ladies and guys. When i was last there about 6 years ago there was a Turbulent cruising around a very cool old kit built french if memory serves. If you landing flying cool aircraft check it out. If you dont I read the on this thread while researching flying schools before starting lessons some 3 months ago.

I drove to Murray Bridge, and to Parafield, and when I went for a look-see at Aldinga after the comments below I expected a frosty strip, perhaps expensive food, and worse. What I found instead is a warm family-run business, a guided walk over to the school's aircraft parked across the beautiful lawn area so I could see their quality and equipment, and nothing but respect and warmth.

Not only that, their aircraft were the most professionally presented and newer. And also the best priced in the category I'm flying. I am surprised at the slurs on this from anonymous posters, and in my eyes that says more about them than the good folks at Adelaide Biplanes. To anyone else reading this thread, don't accept the comments below as truth - go visit them yourself and make up your own mind. Why would they "Dob you in"? And how will they "Get you one way or the other"? I will reiterate that your comments are both uneducated and unsubstantiated.

How do they not have respect for locals? They have changed circuit patterns to suit, they are running a legal business that brings tourism to the area, and furthermore please state another country airfield that has an equivalent australia of aircraft as diversified as ABP along with the training to go with it. To say that radical locals do not want to close the airfield down is false. I have a feeling that the people venting on this site are in fact the locals that want it shut down.

I still have a copy of s that girl sent by Suzi whom she was instructed to apologise for inappropriate comments by the mayor of Onkaparinga. For the readers and actual pilots of this site please realise that the majority of the negative comments I believe are made are not from actual pilots but from locals trying to shut down the airfield whom have an agenda, they have been both underhanded and dishonest hence they will not put a name to there comments.

I note that a recent comment suggest that one should identify oneself on this Aldinga comments site. Do so and say it as it is and you will have assertive action leveled against oneself by the operators. They came here Pommy Land, Bought the Flying school and within a short period of time where conducting flight activities at all hours and late on Saturday and Sundays strip the constant droning of aircraft going round and round and sometimes low level circuits as well. But they never ever wanted to close the flying school nor the airfield australia.

That us absolute rubbish to state that. At the end of the day it was simply and plainly Adelaide Biplanes who have been the root cause of a beautiful country airfield being EPA d. That transpired to be the only way to control these inconsiderate operators who have dobbed other aviators in to CASA rather than talk to the person that they, as self appointed industry police, perceived to be doing wrong. And worse than thatthey reported people from other airfields and venues which had absolutely nothing to do with them.

And to Mr Bollocks. The way you are ranting and raving leaves a lot to be desired in your ignorant outlook of the the facts. It only takes one to read the majority of comments to form an opinion that the operators at Aldinga have also no respect for Australian Aviators many of whom can fly girls around the bloke from Aldinga. Remember that within the first year of him coming to Australia from Pommie Land, he stated that Australians have a bad flying culture and that HE was going to change it.

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He has alright, which is why the pilots from Adelaide Biplanes are not overly welcome at any of the Flying Venues in South Australia. And that is a fact.

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And the other thing which many have experienced, go there and do not put your hand in your pocket for fuel, coffee or cake, you will get the cold shoulder. Martyn taught me to fly and the method and content has saved my life more than once.

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Ive seen commercial pilots trained elsewhere that couldnt land a with no cross wind on a 2k bitumen strip. I havent seen him for approx 10 yrs for many reasons and am not a particularly big fan of his crew he has there I am not whinging about it on a public forum.

FAR from it.

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He has skills that are worth learninghe owns a flight training schoolIm guessing hes the CFI now WTF do you think the Smiths attitude toward safety is going to be you Dumb s. If he was useless and talked t then fine I am far from a amazing pilot but the instinctive core stuff like landing without gear down I couldnt if i tried I actually thought this site may have info like Reading all of these comments for the first time is interesting, Oh and so brave or the Pilots commenting without ing you name to anything.

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It reminds me of school girls bitching about something they don't like. It is a great local airfield That is NOT owned and operated by Adelaide Bi-Planes and If you cant fit in to a circuit that has multiple runways in operation then get some more training it's pretty basic. Right hand circuits are in place to appease the few locals who have tried to shut down the field due to noise. The comments about ABP and the EPA are both uneducated and unsubstantiated and I will leave it at that, if you don't know anything about it don't comment on it because you sound like a tit.

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The Aviation community is small and we should be all trying to support each other not shit on each other. He was flying his Waco in formation with his Super Cub, which observers believe was carrying too much weight and that the weight and balance would have been way out, when pilot of the Super Cub radioed the worlds greatest pilot and informed him that something was flapping around by the fuel tank.

After some deliberation he informed the Super Cub Pilot that he had left the fuel filler cap off. It is understood that they were on the way to Kangaroo Island and would have flown over one of the most dangerous stretches of waters in the world.

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One trembles when considering what the consequences would have been if the Worlds Greatest Pilot had run out of fuel over those waters. He laughed and I think that he was quietly taken with it as I explained that I saw this on Our Airports when looking at comments about places to stop on the en route. Highly recommend as a staging stop as have now called into both Goolwa and Aldinga and would put Goolwa on top of the list. Avgas is a bit cheaper, less circuit congestion, less confusion in the circuit as no multiple runways in use.

The writer accusing the CFI at Aldinga of being abusive is spot on. This is not the first time as he is well known for his attitude??????? Makes one wonder when they are so hell bent on telling everyone how safe they are and how they promote safety. He verbally abused me for conducting an overshoot circuit into a go-around at a nearby ALA en-route to Aldinga.

What on earth is wrong with an overshoot I do not know, but he accused me of a 'beat-up', a totally false and unsubstantiated accusation.

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I am lost for words. Upon some research I came across this thread, and, oh my, it all makes sense. I do have to agree with the comments; it's all happy days as long as long as you're diving into your wallet, until you have a run-in with this guy. Seems like their EPA donation I've been contributing to for a long time is one big lie also.

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I also agree that their practice of operating on several runways is dangerous. I've enjoyed going to Aldinga for a long time. For a Pom who comes to Australia, buys the flying School at Aldinga, calls it Adelaide Biplanes and tells us that Australians have a bad flying culture and that they are going to change it, they are doing really well. I mean, they must be on first term names with their insurance company as I saw another Sports Star with a mangled prop and damaged on a trailer down south near Goolwa which comes from Aldinga.

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And by the way, the only time that you are treated nicely there is if you put your hand in your pocket and they can hear the Ching Ching of the cash register. Otherwise have no time for one. Remember that this is all in my opinion only derived from personal experience and observations and what I have witnessed first hand and told and verified by others. Not a nice place and needs to get the like of the operators back theter to return it to the safe friendly place it used to be with the camaraderie that they have destroyed.

A mate and I fly in regularly and have rarely had a problem. Sure they have several runways and may be using more than one- just get situational awareness on the way in, stay above the traffic till you decide your approach-and use your radio!

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We enjoy the coffee, the view and the friendship and find the operators and their instructors friendly and helpful. Browsing thru most of the comments, anyone who has attempted to fly into ADG and have encountered the same problems as many of us have, would have to agree with the negative comments. I p that this is to help and contribute towards the Adelaide Biplanes rude collection for monies towards funding the costs of the EPA. An EPA involvement which Adelaide Biplanes are directly responsible for by exceeding the movement limitations of which they were aware of.

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What gets me is that they are asking others to donate to fund their business commitments as they are bound by, as I am led to understand, the shareholder and board resolution which agreed to the provided that Adelaide Biplanes paid the costs and not the shareholders who did not crate the problem and that a EPA to exceed the movements is pf no value or.

Whilst collecting donations to fund their business, check out the house that they have just built. The "Boathouse"???????? At what costs. How rude to shove this on facebook whilst asking for donations, even a poster in the woman's loo at ADG asking for donations.