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G'Day Japan!

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The capital district of these clubs is Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku, Tokyo city. The host club and kyabakura business is a flashy business, and the town is just as bright and mesmerising.

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Firstly, host clubs cater to female customers where kyabakura caters to male customers — they have the same concept as a business, just different target audiences. To get the ball rolling, the customer must first purchase a drink at higher scale clubs, you must purchase by the bottle for yourself and your host or hostess.

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These businesses do walk a very fine line between the services industry and the sex industry. During your time you will drink and converse with your host or hostess flirtatiously but purely verbally. These clubs are not a prostitution service however, there are of course those individuals that participate and any kind of inappropriate physical contact is banned.

The game of the hosts are to make you drink therefore spend as much as possible as they make commission from the sales made.

Tokyo hostess bars: a little understood part of japan's nightlife

You might say that the women who work at the kyabakura are modern day versions of geisha girls. The drink prices of these places are much higher and the higher class the club, the more likelihood of it being bottle-service-only. A lot of the customers that come to a well-established club are businessmen who not only use the club to entertain themselves but to entertain business associates and potential customers of their own.

The more they spend, the bigger the stakes. In the past two decades though, it has evolved and turned into a highly popular scene with women of all ages and all walks of life becoming fast fans. Unlike kyabakuras, the punters at host clubs are there purely for pleasure.

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From women in their mid 20s to women well past 60 go to be entertained by their favourite or the No. The way the club operates is the same as kyabakuras save for a few variances, but with host clubs choosing your host is taken way more seriously. The point of the business is to have regular customers and not one time only customers — one of the reasons why it can be difficult for foreigners to enter host clubs.

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It is expected that you decide on a host you are to commit to for as long as you visit the club within the first few visits. With this system it is no surprise that many women and men at kyabakuras become infatuated with their host or hostesscreating a relationship that only exists within the four walls of the club.

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