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A typical bar girl working in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket or any of the popular nightlife and sex tourism hot-spots in Thailand can best be defined as a girl who works in a bar to attract, entertain, and ultimately have sex with a customer in exchange for money.

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These girls are not the cheap hookers from 3rd the world villages you see in the bars and Go Go Bars in the tourist traps in Thailand. I confess, I spent the night with a Laos hooker and didn't get to fuck her because we couldn't agree on a payment. I passed out anyway because we were partying hard that night, it was around 4am when we got back. Next morning or a few hours later I woke up she was in bed next to me, she had no bra on but she was wearing panties, she was well cute tight as fuck, she was the best looking freelancer in the bar that night, in fact I had no intention bringing one home but she was too cute to say no too. Anyway I got into the spoon position woke her up by kissing her cheek and neck.

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A recent post on Behind The Noodle Curtain, titled Canadian boys need to toughen uphighlights the danger als to watch for when it comes to Thai bar girls on the lookout for soft touch tourists, and expats who so easily fall in love. One lost a lot of money, the other his life, a victim of murder when shot dead by a hitman.

Many Thai blogs and forums highlight horror stories of bar girls skimming, scamming and ripping off customers, boyfriends, and their other halves.

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But does one bad apple spoil the whole bar girl bunch? The photographs used in this post are for illustration purposes only and Beyond The Mango Juice in no way implies any of the women pictured are involved in the sex industry. When male tourists land in the City of Angels, many make a beeline for Bar, and on girl think they own it. We are talking about those who believe they can walk on water and rarely hot it — the type of traveller who has little respect for anyone. Any Thai girl arriving in Pattaya for the first time needs advice and direction from someone who has circled the block many times.

Know-how and knowledge put food on the table and clean clothes on the bed. Pattaya is the sex capital of the world, and anyone who has been there will know that temptation is only one bar away. Most bar girls are merely trying to make a living and doing their best for their family and trying to raise their standard of life. Below are the type of Western characters you always see in Pattaya and how Thai bar girls might view them.

Unfortunately, it thais some bar girls years, and considerable heartache to switch on the warning lights.

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Rinse and repeat. Street-wise Pattaya bar girls view most tourists and expats as honest, good-hearted people. However, they soon learn most Western men are easy prey for a good-looking girl.

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Now mistrust, dishonesty and jealousy are birthmarked on too many minds — both, Sout-East Asian and Western. I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true. Martyn, another classic.

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Really enjoyed the read. Perhaps you could add Johnny Walker to the mix? Martyn, very perceptive. How did you take your eyes off the girls long enough to be so observant? Good choice of pics, too! Great read and a must read for the newbies and short timersBut life in Pattaya would be pretty dull without all the Johnnys and a lot of Thai folks would be planting rice with their hands hot without the use of that new buffalo Johnny bought for them with the money ATM machine AKA Johnny they the smiling bar girls have discovered.

Mike as always thanks for the read and comment. After sampling lao khao I can understand the Thai people getting a taste for whisky, anything is an improvement on that. The girls in the photos are rather nice but they are not my pictures. I sometimes use Webshots for my posts and these came from there, bar are at the bottom of the post.

Malcolm I did girl about including Johnny Good but the post is more about those to be wary of rather than those many decent people. If you sing it loud enough I might hear it from here.

Thai bar girls – looking through your eyes

Martyn, another fine thought provoking post. I think for the most part hot sides take their knocks when there is probably a good mix of all in every Johnny and Bar girl. It all comes down to individuals. I read too many times from jaded tourists and expats alike that the newbie traveler to Pattaya or Bangkok should beware the famous Thai smile as it belies the truth…when in truth there is usually more to be wary of from the same expats and jaded tourists. I think for me it comes down to being nice, having a good time and minding my own girl. The one Johnny that I have noticed in the past year or so is the Johnny come lately.

The young guys finding Pattaya and coming in groups. They seem to care about nothing but getting drunk and causing trouble whenever they get the chance. I followed similar rules to yourself when I dealt thai bar girls, I was always polite and respectful.

Keep a bit back for the garden. I have also been very well treated by the patrons of Pattaya. Adding all my Pattaya days together I have spent well over one year of my life there and cannot recall ever having a real bad day out of that lot. Sure I occasionally got overcharged on a bar bill but that also happens here in the UK. If you give respect I find you usually get a big slice of it back. I saw the photo credits, I read every word. I like your inclusive take on Thai society and agree with what you say about respect.

I think they have to be a tough nut in many ways to do what they do. I believe they do and bar you look past their skimpy costume and hot brown skin pausing for a moment to collect myself. I, like you, have met many very nice girls. BTW, Martyn, a very cool twist on my post theme. And thanks for the mention.

The ones I really dislike are those who have been to Pattaya once before and try to tell me how I should go about my business. John many men may be smart when it comes to making money but a pretty face and cute ass are also sure fire assets to relieve them of it as well.

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Your last sentence is sound advice and probably the biggest word in the ear you could give to any Thailand newbie. John, good observations and advice. And you and Martyn are right, though: farangs do not take advice well, and most not at all. But they have other problems, such as lack of sensitivity and empathy, poor social skills, no control mechanisms. I could go on. You know what though, not our problem! Although they do provide lots of blog fodder, which is a good thing, I think!

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This is an excellent post Martyn! I think your observations are spot on. I think that these girls do have a crap life and sure the money is great, but I bet all of them dream of so much more. We take our little two up two down houses for granted but it is probably a dream for people who support themselves off their little patch of land. Rick — John always comes up with a good comment, be it in the form of advice or one of his stories from the past. Your description of farang and their make up shows a lot of the problems they have, I wonder if we all have a slight bit of one of them in us all.

Emm most of the girls are from the poor rural areas where their kid s are looked after by family.

How to interact with hot thai bar girls in – 13 secret tips

John being older in Thailand is a great advantage in many ways for farang. A pension comes with old age and Thai women look on that as sound security. Reaching 50 also makes it a lot easier to stay in Thailand on a more permanent basis. My earlier comments about the less than admirable sides of farangs seem to paint us er, me as pure as the driven snow. No such thing of course, as you correctly point out Martyn. We can try though to show our best sides and with patience and especially understanding, live life in sync with our surroundings.

This applies in lives both west and east.

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And then Thailand offers a long-stay one-year visa for those over My snows a little dark and slushy but it is getting purer with each passing year. I know what you mean about moaning, the clubs are real bitchy places. If anybody re this and you have the funds to kick back in the land of smiles make the move you only get one shot at this life……interesting statement John….

How much do you reckon someone at the age of 55 would need to last them in Udon for 10 years until their pension kicked in. Lets assume they have their village house paid for and have a car. Higher or lower. Good post and some food for thought. By the way, jack rules indeed, especially in the gentleman version.

Driving in Thailand [del. Camille thanks for your views and once again yours points to the same common theme of many others. Especially so in Thailand. Thailand is the greatest country for nightlife with sexy bar girls in South East Asia!

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Pattaya — Love, drugs and alcohol are an expensive cocktail in Pattaya. Sure plenty of relationships do work and I tend to find most forums to have a more weighted input from negative commentators. Clearly the girls need to be on their guard with a lot of the guys who hang around the bars.