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So you just arrived in Pattaya with the bus from Bangkok. While you walk around in the heat and try to make up your mind on where to sit down and relax, you will constantly pass two types of places: The massage salons and the girly bars. And while the girly bars are really all over the place, there are certain areas that are much more fun than others more girls, better looking girls and more customers.

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With a dense concentration of venues, Pattaya is very popular for its bustling nightlife! In Walking Street Pattaya you can enjoy:. At a kilometer long, stretching from Beach Road to Bali Hai Plaza, almost every building offers entertainment for you, giving an immense amount of choice.

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Covid has brought the nightlife business to its knees and bars are desperate to find new ways to make money. This week I spent some time watching live streams from Pattaya bars and taking a closer look at the phenomenon.

Streaming predates Covid A Belgian known as Steff Traveller appears to be one of, if not the first person to stream live from bars in Pattaya. They were the pioneers, but most have since gone by the wayside. Seeing the potential to make money, bars soon followed. From the comfort of home, anywhere in the world, you can tune in after dark Thailand time and watch Pattaya bargirls doing their thing. Many of the streams can be viewed on YouTube.

You get the video and a side bar where you can type in a message which is seen by the girls in the bar along with everyone watching the stream. You can post messages and interact with the girls.

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Hmmm, not quite…. Streaming is profitable. Viewers are encouraged to buy lady drinks. Clicking on a link takes you to a where you can buy a lady drink and pay by Pay Pal, credit card etc. Standard lady drink prices apply with ladies getting the usual 50 or 60 baht commission for each lady drink. With no international visitors, this is a God-send for the ladies and the bar owners.

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Apparently it was the first bar to start regularly streaming — and was doing so even before Covid came along. You know streaming has really taken pattaya when the biggest group of bars in Pattaya, The Night Wish Group, got in on the act and streams live from 13 of its bars. Some of bar fellows are quite open about who they are and what they are doing and seem to really enjoy being part of the show and including themselves in the girl.

Some do some really daft things, others are antagonistic. One fellow said some unkind things about an expat on a stream that were potentially defamatory and rather than face legal action chose to settle out of court. Some of these streamers are heavy drinkers and later in the night anything goes. Some come across as barely functional.

One fellow appeared to have a breakdown while live-streaming and video showed him self-harming. Others seem to delight in abusing locals, from girls in the bars to everyday Thais. One fellow on Walking Street got up close and filmed a distressed Thai lady crying and was set upon and beaten up by a street vendor. One particularly successful streamer who gets a hard time online goes by the name Barfines And Powerlines. A young Brit with a penchant for fast food and ridiculing locals, he is considered by many as the villain of Pattaya streaming.

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The level of disrespect he shows towards the girls, at times humiliating them on camera has some questioning how he has been able to get away with it for so long. At the same time he is clearly very good at what he does and has made a lot of money. Live streaming is just that, an unscripted live view of a real Pattaya bar. Much of the time the girls sit around looking bored.

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Often they are on their phone. Girls sitting in front of a camera feeding their face is no fun to look at. I found I could only watch a stream for a few minutes until I was bored. Because the girls are obviously bored. But plenty of people enjoy it and when the streams start up each night Thailand time, lo of guys tune in from all over the world. This is very much a Pattaya thing with streams from beer bars, hostess bars and soi 6 knocking shops. Hardly where you find the best-looking girls. There is potential here and I get the feeling that a pro could come along and really make a killing.

Imagine a live stream from one of the best Bangkok gogo bars — a bar with a professional lighting system, dozens of hot ladies and all carefully managed. Live-streaming from Pattaya beer bars appeals to fans of Pattaya beer bars.

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When I tuned in this week, there would be up to 70 people viewing a live stream at any one time. How many Pattaya beer bars could accommodate 70 customers at one time? But in terms of YouTube videos, these s are nothing to write home about. So while the live streams have a following, they are not getting anywhere near the eyeballs as slick, edited videos from popular Pattaya YouTubers.

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Perhaps if I had a few drinks while I was watching I might get excited but the time difference means these girls are doing their thing live on cam as the sun is rising in Kiwiland. The bars have always been a safe haven and few punters are ok with the idea they might be captured on video in a bar. These streams are not hidden behind passwords or located on naughty websites Joe Public would never come across. What happens in the bars should stay in the bars. Will live streaming from Pattaya bars become the next big thing?

Could some bars make more from streaming than from regular customers in the bar?

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To use a Thailand analogy, these streams feel rather like a shopping trip to the Pratunam markets; this is no relaxing afternoon spent hanging out at Siam Paragon. Full marks to those who got in early and have done well from it and hopefully the streams bring in enough money to keep the girls and the bars going. Bored bargirls for breakfast is not for me.

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From what I see in the U. Thai women who left Thailand as adults have the odds against them, in my opinion. They are in a foreign country for whatever reason but in their heart, they would rather be in Thailand. They pretty much live a Thai life in a foreign land.

If they are religious, they seem to only associate with other Thais. They listen to and trust what the monks say, for the most part. They have trouble maintaining a real friendship with non-Thais because pretty much the only thing they can speak deeply about is Thai food, Buddha, or temple matters.

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If they have both characteristics, then forget it, there is no chance! Your column on mixed marriages is right on. People like being with their own kind as there is a certain comfort level in that. My Korean wife has a lot of Korean woman friends which I encourage. I know she would not be happy otherwise. She is generally happy with her situation but the gossip and backstabbing within the Korean community here in Canada can be vicious.

She has made few Canadian friends which I think this is due to racism and fear of the unknown on both sides. Older English women often hate Thai women. There are usually one of two tacks they take.

The first is the concerned friend who trots out the tropes about Thai women only being after your money and how untrustworthy Thais are. Thai women threaten their dominance. Add in the tendency for them to be anything but lady-like and the sweet, demure, Asian lady you just appeared with is guaranteed to make them feel bad about themselves. Pattaya was packed this past weekend. In the bargirl world, however, things are really being shaken up. Few are doing well, and it is testing friendships as those who borrow from a friend cannot repay or refuse to do so.

It shows on their faces.

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Dunno if you have addressed whether lady-drinks should contain alcohol or not. It is a divisive topic. They can become unpredictable, vomit, collapse in a coma, have accidents, become violent and are more likely to engage in unprotected sex. There is also the long-term destructiveness of regular alcohol consumption, both physical and mental. Cake loves older men and taking them for a long ride. Diamonds in Nana Plaza had been closed for a short while and has undergone renovations.

It will reopen tonight. The original Nana Plaza ladyboy bar Casanova closed earlier this year when all bars closed due to Covid New age outside features three lines of script in one of the Asian languages. No idea what it says! Nana Plaza is the one bar area where bar operators fight to acquire new properties. It is the one bar area where investment is being made and new bars are being built.

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From various s a great night was had in Nana Plaza last night with bars celebrating Halloween, Loy Krathong and some bars celebrating both. An old friend roamed the plaza last night and sent through this selection of photos. It looks like it was a fun night! Hunt around Nana Plaza and you will find a few more happy hours and drinks specials than you would have pre-Covid. Lollipop is one such bar with 69 baht bottled beer before PM. I think this is one reason why early evening Soi Cowboy would often be busier than Nana Plaza.

I wonder how the ladyboy bars are faring, generally. No, I have no personal interest in them but I do wonder how they have been affected due to Covid It sounds like the ladyboy bars have been hit even harder than the gogo bars that only have ladies born female with most ladyboy bars closed.

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